GRP Chemical and Diesel Tanks

Problems encountered with the containment of severely corrosive chemicals can easily be overcome by the use XFIBERGLASS GRP Storage Tanks. These tanks are manufactured by means of controlled hand contact moulding, using specific weights of both Fiberglass chopped strand mat and woven roving reinforcements, thereby ensuring uniform isotropic strength orientation. Reinforcements are applied using a chemically resistant resin system individually selected for the tanks intended service. Our abilities are extensive and cylindrical tanks can be made to a wide range of configurations including vertical & horizontal tanks complete with either flat bottoms, conical bottoms or dished bottoms. Tanks can be supported on a flat base, annular ring, support legs or a self supporting skirt. Tanks are supplied with integrally moulded full – face nozzles, manways and insect proof vents. This varied capability of XFIBERGLASS has made it possible to offer an economical storage tank to suit the exact operating conditions. This enables the often sought after but seldom found combination of standardization in production with the ability to customise the tank to meet specific customer requirements. Grp tanks can be supplied with a range of optional extras including liquid level indicator strips, hinged or bolted manways, fittings, vents and catladder cleats. Tanks can be finished in a variety of U V Stabilised colours to meet customer requirements.

Storage Tanks and Vessels fabricated by us is extensively used for handling corrosive chemicals in extreme environments.
Our range of Storage Tanks and Vessels comprises Pressure vessels, Chemical storage tanks, Pulp storage tanks.
Reaction vessels and Electrolysis tanks. These are manufactured in accordance with various national and international
standards, such as B.S. 4994 — 1987, ASME- Section X. ASTM, DIN & NBS voluntary product standards and PS 15 — 69
standards. Our team assists our clients to choose the best suitable design and to analyze the most process efficient as
well as the economically optimized vessels/tanks.
Different types of tank designs offered are :
Dome, flat & conical roofs & bottom
Open and closed top
Rectangular shells
Cylindrical shells
Flat and sloped bottoms
Agitator supports
Internal baffles
Salient Features:
Corrosion Resistant
Light In Weight
High lmpact Strength
Superior Outlook
Easy to Handle and Install
Maintenance Free